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About the TEHNOSERV Company

Tehnoserv company was established in 1990, and since then is expanding. Today it is a fully equiped factory spread on 3000 sqm. The company has a long year tradition in production, mounting and engineering in the domain of meatal constructions and thermal engineering. Our projects and products can be find in a wide range od industrial facilities, social objects, schools, banks, hotels, private objects etc. Quality and duration of our work is quaranteed by high quality materials, highly skilled working staff and two decades of experience.

The main domain of activity is production of metal construction. The company also has a second domain of activity: engineering, projecting and performing works in the domain of thermal engineering that includes the following:

  • Boiler houses
    • hotwater boiler houses for solid, liquid and gas fuel
    • boilerhouses for dry saturated and overheated steam production
    • maintenance and reparation of boiler houses and boilers
  • Serial production of boilers
    • hotwater boilers for solid, liquid and gas fuel 18-10.000 kw
    • boilers for production of drysatirated and overheated steam
    • boilers for fast steam production
  • Air Conditioning & Ventilation
    • air conditioning chambers for central conditioning
    • complete air conditioning of bussines, private, sport.. objects
    • air conditioning of particular rooms and halls
  • Industrial equipment
    • heat exchangers
    • tanks and vessels under pressure
    • impregnation systems
    • duplicators, reactators, mixing devices
  • Energetic pipelines
    • steam pipelines
    • water pipelines
    • Pipelines for pressured gas
    • pipelines made out of stainless steel

Our team will lead you through the process of putting in motion and give a full training for easy handling and maintenance of the machine project.