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Hot water boilers for solid fuels 18-150kW

Hot water boilers for solid fuels and biomass 100-1200 kW


Hot water boiler type TKC-S is designated for all types of granulated coal size: cube(30-60mm) and nut(16-30mm). The boiler has a large firing box which enables filling with large quantities of coal. At the front of the firing, the door is a coal bunker that contains fuel for 4 hours of continuous work. The coal bunker has an opening at the bottom and the opening and shutting are regulated by a draft regulator and air clap. Since the coal bunker is filled from the top the coal storage has to be above the H level on the drawing. The boiler is designed with three drafts which provide energy utilization up to 90%. The boiler is made out of high-quality boiler steel and has two capes, a pipe exchanger, and a water-cooled grid. The boiler has a very small energy loss because of the good insulation. Cleaning and maintenance of the boiler are very easy through the cleaning doors and the opening at the back of the boiler. A left or right opening version can be purchased depending on the boilers-room space.
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